Becoming a childminder

Who is a childminder?

Someone registered to provide paid childcare from their own home for children under 8 years old. They usually work alone or with up to two other childminders. You don’t need any prior qualifications or experience to set yourself up as a childminder. All you’ll need is to complete a registration process that ensures safety and quality of care for the children you’ll look after

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You must register as a childminder if all of the following apply:
  • you’ll be paid to care for someone else’s children
  • the children are under 8 years old
  • the care lasts over 2 hours on any day
  • you’re working from domestic premises, usually your own home.
  • DBS Criminal Record Check

    You, anyone associated with your business, and anyone you live with, needs a criminal record check.

  • Health Declaration Form

    You’ll need to complete a Health Declaration form that is signed off by your doctor.

  • Childminder Training: You must complete essential training that proves you understand the needs of the children you’ll support.

  • First Aid Training: You must complete a 12 hour Paediatric First Aid course to ensure the safety of the children in your care.

  • Early Years Register: If you’ll be looking after children aged 0-5 you’ll need to apply to the Early Years Register.

  • Childcare Register:  If you plan to look after children aged 5 and over you’ll need to apply to the Childcare Register.

  • Guidance for preparing for your visit: If you’re joining the Early Years Register Ofsted will arrange a home visit.

  • Risk assess your home and garden: Ofsted will check to ensure your home and garden is suitable and safe for the children in your care.

  • Register with HMRC: As you’ll be self employed you’ll need to register with HMRC for tax & insurance purposes.

  • Register to hold personal data: Due to Data Protection Laws you may need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

  • Secure the nessessary insurance: You’ll need Public Liability Insurance and to check you’re still covered for your home and car insurance.

5 steps to Ofsted registration

Although registering as a childminder is a simple process there are a number of steps you’ll need to complete.

Pre-registration checklist

In order to complete registration you’ll need the following:

DBS checks: For you and anyone you’ll be working or living with.

Training Certificates: For essential childcare and first aid training.

Healthcare Declaration Form: Shared with and approved by your doctor.

For Ofsted to share legal documents.

A personal email address: That’s private and isn’t shared with others.

Referee contact details: Who’ve given permission to support your application.